2009 Austin Apartment Property of the Year Awards

2009 Austin Apartment Property of the Year Awards

So this is another way to judge how good an apartment is. Again, it is tough to tell if a place is worthwhile without talking to some people that live there currently. These places may only be good at winning awards, but it is probably a good bet they don’t totally suck.

These places won awards based on staff and staff designations, physical/visual inspection and a blind shop of the property. Judges for the staff and physical inspection categories were members of the Austin Apartment Association. The blind shop was performed by an independent entity.

2009 Lease Up Winner
Winner of this year’s Lease Up Award (conventional or affordable properties less than 18 months old as of April 1, 2008 and less than 70% occupied as of November 15, 2008)
Alexan Palm Valley
56% recommended at Apartmentratings.com

2009 Sapphire 300+ Units Winner
Great Hills Apartments
41% recommended at Apartmentratings.com
36 % approve at Apartmentreviews.net

2009 Sapphire 50-299 Units Winner
Sienna Ridge
70% recommended at Apartmentratings.com

2009 Ruby Winner
Northwest Hills
27% recommended at Apartmentratings.com


Chris Lloyd

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