Austin Private Dorms and Co-ops – The Complete Guide

So what are your options is you aren’t eligible for a University dorm and can’t afford a private apartment? Private dorms or co-ops could be options worth exploring.

Private Dorms

Like the name says, these are dorms, they just are not owned by the University. Depending on the details, they can even be cheaper than University dorms. They differ from private apartments in that the private dorms usually offer some kind of meal plan and include utilities. All of them are within a few blocks of campus and some are, literally, across the street from the UT campus.

Right on UT campus
The Castillian
Dobie Center
Goodall Wooten (No meal plans)

Few blocks away
Callaway House
University Towers

Women only
Hardin House
Scottish Rite


Co-ops are a very unique option for student life. Co-ops are owned by the members who live in the house, not a traditional landlord.

This means several things are different from any other options.

  • It is very affordable compared to other options since it is run as a non-profit.
  • You will be required to manage and do work around the house.
  • You will help set rules like quiet hours, pets, and smoking. Some are even set up specifically for vegans and vegetarians.
  • You will be a part of a community that is hard to replicate in a traditional dorm environment.

There are 2 groups of student co-op homes and one single home. Since each house is individually run, there is a lot of variety even within the homes in the groups. If co-op living is something you are interested in, you will have to contact them for details
College Houses
1906 Pearl St.

ICC Coops
2305 Nueces

German House
2103 Nueces


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