Austin veteran not allowed to hang flag at apartment

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Story here

You may have already heard about this one. A veteran living at Village At Gracy Farms was told that he isn’t allowed to hang a US flag from his balcony.  He pulled it off the balcony and hung it on his wall.  He was told that he had to move it again since it could be seen through his window.

I’m a veteran but I am actually a little torn about this one.  It definitely seems ridiculous that he can’t fly his flag, but you can imagine it would definitely be an issue if everyone hung things on their balcony.  Fair Housing laws would probably make it very difficult to limit what could be displayed if you allowed anything to be displayed.

Although, I don’t know what could be the excuse for not letting him display it indoors.  I’m sure plenty of decorations can be seen on walls of many apartments and I am very skeptical his lease prohibits things from being seen through a window.

Needless to say…this is attracting a lot of attention.  I’m pretty curious to see where it goes.

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