Bikes, beers, Adam Watt, and why he’ll never tell you his favorite spot (also, how to get free beer)

Adam Watt

Our mission here at Everything Austin Apartments is to help people find the best places to live and enjoy life in Austin.  So it’s not that surprising that we love other who are helping people tour around and learn about Austin.  We also love beer, because….do we really have to explain this?

Given that, our love of Bike and Brew ATX should be pretty obvious. What’s not to love about some fresh air and a few drinks? We reached out to Adam Watt, Owner of Bike and Brew ATX, to talk.  And, as we like to do, if you make it to the end, we’ll tell you how you can a get a gift certificate for your own tour. So take a minute to sit with Adam and see how he gave one of the greatest answers in the history of the Spotlight Series.

EAA: How did you get into the touring business?

Adam: My friend once was a guide in Central America. After I heard about his adventures and tales, I realized that’s what I wanted. So I moved to Spain for two years to learn Spanish and then applied at his tour company. But I didn’t get hired in Central America, I got hired in North America! Anyway, I fell in love with tourism. It was an instant connection and I have been doing it ever since. I like the fact that you get a set amount of time to show the guest a life changing experience. Within that time, you have a chance to really make someone’s day and possibly change their outlook. If you’re good at it, you make a lasting, positive impression.

EAA: Who are your ideal clients?

Adam: Anyone that enjoys life. But, we are a tour that includes alcohol, so there are, of course, laws we have to follow. Our clientele must be over 21.

EAA: When did you get to Austin?

Adam: I moved to Austin approximately 2009. I went to school in San Marcos. Both cities are amazing, but by the time I was 21, I decided to move to Austin.

EAA: What would you recommend to people moving here?

Adam: Ride a bike, traffic has gotten horrible. Don’t park your scooter in the middle of the sidewalk (or in front of our bike shop :).) Go to as many happy hours as possible to experience all the amazing food and drinks Austin has to offer. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide, servers and the band!

EAA: What is your favorite Austin thing that most people don’t know about?

Adam: Now why would I share that? So more people can find me when I’m trying to escape the hustle and bustle? I think I’ll keep that little secret to myself this time! 😉

EAA: Adam, I truly don’t know why anyone has answered that question any other way. Any charities or non-profits you are interested in/work with/otherwise want to give a shout out to?

Adam: The Yellow Bike Project is amazing. I love the people there and the mission. And the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians; without them so many of the artists that make Austin what it is wouldn’t have healthcare.

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