Blended Sense is taking the Spotlight Series to the next level

We were introduced to Blended Sense by Spotlight Series alum, Jessica Tyler. We instantly hit it off. They totally understood what we want to do here and wanting to help bring the best of Austin to everyone. Not only were they kind enough to share their story and thoughts about Austin, Blended Sense made an amazing video to show you some of the beautiful Austin landmarks they use to help other small businesses tell their story. 

Blended Sense, like many small businesses, love the Austin vibe too. It’s ideal for creative professionals with a hyper-local business model that matches creative pros with small businesses to conceptualize and deliver video, photo, graphic, and copy assets to expand a brand. Blended Sense thrives in Austin due to its strong cultural backbone but also the many opportunities for small businesses and creative pros to interact. 

As one of Blended Sense’s founders, Georgina Elizondo Griffin states, “The recent pandemic appears to have unleashed a wave of entrepreneurialism and optimism. In the past year, an unprecedented crop of new businesses started in the US and I believe it’s just revving. A whole new, younger generation is entering the workforce, so there’s a vibrancy about that, coupled with tenured wisdom from those who’ve been creating in Austin for decades.  Austin was also recently ranked the best place to start a business. This draw to our city has become more evident with big tech companies like Tesla moving here, and you can’t discount Joe Rogan’s move either. Aside from the obvious favorable tax structure for small businesses in Texas, Austin provides a welcoming community for innovators and creatives. It’s a place for tech, marketing, production, real estate, eclectic food choices, and so much more.”

Abigail Rose, a transplant from New York and Massachusetts, and another founder of Blended Sense, understands the incredible need for a city that supports creatives. As an actress, her personal story of the difficulty in trying to maintain a creative profession was the seed of inspiration that helped her form her own start-up with Albert Baez.  Today she gets to help orchestrate the placement of a production team for video capture across some of Austin’s most memorable hot spots and neighborhoods and unleash a ton of talent on Austin’s streets and businesses.

Some favorite places to to shoot video include:

  • The graffiti train bridge. It’s all about the view, the breeze from the water, and the vibe of connecting downtown to South Austin and that cool spiral staircase.
  • “Tau Ceti.” The Tallest mural in Austin on Brazos and 2nd Street by Josef Kristofoletti. It’s 103 ft tall.
  • Cool homes in Travis Heights. You can rent them by the day or hour in some cases.
  • Local eateries like Eberly, The Doughminican, and Cosmic Coffee. We love them for allowing us to play in their spaces. We’re so grateful to connect with such great business owners feeding the city.
  • The big terrace outside of the Long Center. Especially at sunrise as the sun comes up over the skyline. You can’t beat the view.
  • Seaholm district courtyard outside of Trader Joes. It’s a great spot for photos with plenty of light, and a cool industrial vibe.

Albert Baez, the third and final founder of Blended Sense feels that Austin offers a unique opportunity for small businesses because of its tight community and collaborative nature. “It is an amazing place to network and find the right people to build with. Austin has this energy of collaboration that I have never seen at such a big scale. It feels good to build with community.” 

When you’re ready for a move to Austin, there’s an abundance of great places to get creative, and people to spark your next inspirational insight to fashion something amazing. At Blended Sense, they’re ready to help you get your creative on, elevate your small business, and simply ooze what’s great about Austin. Check out some of their favorite spots in the video below, or reach out to Blended Sense at