Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex

I am pretty sure this lady is a jerk.  I am not a smoker and I have some sympathy for the desire to get rid of smoking in restaurants.  I think trying to get rid of it in bars is a little silly – even if I do enjoy smoke free bars. But saying you […]

Wider recycling rules for Austin apartments, businesses considered

This article has received a lot of attention already. I wanted to focus on this part of the article “We want to make sure everyone in Austin has the opportunity to recycle, regardless of where they work or live,” Cofer said. Let me remind everyone that everyone in Austin does have the opportunity to recycle.  […]

Everything about Searching for Austin jobs

There are a lot of people trying to get a job here in the Capitol City.  Even in these rough economic times, Austin is doing better than many areas of the country employment wise. This post is intended be a roundup of the internet resources you can use to find a job in Austin.  This […]

Construction loans continue to default

This graph shows construction loans and how they have performed for the last 2 years. A couple of things…you’ll notice Austin isn’t on the list.  But the recent condo auctions show we are feeling the effects of the economy.  It means we are probably still in a renters market until a lot of this excess […]