Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

I am pretty sure this lady is a jerk.  smoking neighbor

I am not a smoker and I have some sympathy for the desire to get rid of smoking in restaurants.  I think trying to get rid of it in bars is a little silly – even if I do enjoy smoke free bars.

But saying you are so sensitive to smoke that it is a crime for your neighbor to do it – well you just slipped over into crazy land.  Especially a jerky move considering she re-signed the lease while this was going on.

If you are so sensitive to smoke that you have to wear a respirator because YOUR NEIGHBOR is smoking – you should not be in a townhome.  You need to be somewhere where you are under more constant supervision by medical personnel.

For what it is worth, it appears that she isn’t going to win.


  1. Andrews


    I recently signed on a blind lease moving from out of state. I am a non-smoker. The smoke in my apartment is so bad, I choke, I have a burning feeling in the back of my throat, food and drinks taste like smoke. Drug Addict Smokers DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW. People have rights, all people, including clean air breathing people who do not affect others’ livelihood and health.
    Let me define freedom for all you out there who think freedom means ANARCHY, it does not. Freedom is the ability to do anything you want AS LONG AS you don’t take that ability from someone else. Including me breathing clean air in MY apartment. It is more complicated than just blaming the neighbor, yes. Apartment owners and management that allow smoking in apartments (by law or not) have to make sure both clients are satisfied as per the lease delivering a “Habitable” apartment. That includes separate the AC units and make sure walls and ceilings are thick enough not to transfer smoke through. There are two issues with smokers in apartments: 1) Endangering the Health and Welfare of neighbors through second hand smoke; 2) Creating a Fire Hazard in the apartment building and multiplying that by disabling the smoke detector units.
    I have to buy renter’s insurance for all you selfish, bastard drug addicts ? No I am not resigning the lease but it’s going to be a long 6mon. journey for all involved.

    Think Again,

    1. Chris L

      I’m not sure I necessarily agree. I don’t think you have the right to sign a blind lease then complain that is wasn’t what you wanted. There is no ‘right’ to thick walls or separate AC’s. Smokers do have rights under the law. If they are disabling smoke detectors…that is an issue and should be reported to management.

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