Generating good health with Dr Jess at Generator Athlete Lab

What a perfect time of year to meet our new neighbors, the Generator Athlete Lab. January is notorious for goals of getting in shape, and Dr Jess, the owner and founder of this local business is using The Generator™ Method to help Austinites reach their athletic goals.

Read on to find out more about maximizing your results using saunas, pools, massage, and more as well as how you can win a gift card to the Generator Athlete Lab.

EAA: How did you get into the fitness industry?Dr Jess: I have competed in runs from 5K to 50ks, triathlons from the sprint distance to Ironman distance, strength competitions, and figure competitions for all of my adult life. Competing, racing, and trial and error taught me the importance of proper conditioning, nutrition, hydration, prehab, pliability and recovery. My training and experience as a Physical Therapist has served me well in the discipline of studying peer-reviewed research to build my knowledge base in the athletic world as well as in the medical world. This process, this life experience, and this passion led me and my co-founder, Delfin Ward, to create the Generator Athlete Lab; a place where the active community of Austin can come together to accelerate one’s athletic performance and recovery.

EAA: What makes the Generator Athlete Lab different than just some other gym?Dr Jess: I created The Generator™ Method based on science-backed evidence and Generator Athlete Lab was designed to allow anyone to apply the method. Your wellness and athletic ability know no limits when all three pillars of The Generator Method are applied. These three pillars are Performance, Massage, and Recovery. Performance refers to our semi-private personalized training fitness offerings and Massage is our athletic treatments including ART and stretching. For Recovery, we prescribe “The Protocol” which consists of 30 minutes in the infrared sauna, 15 minutes alternating cold and hot plunges in our custom tubs, and compression and vibration tools. Visiting Generator Athlete Lab and embracing all 3 pillars of the Generator Method will give your body the strength it needs to perform at its best, again and again.
EAA: When did you get to Austin?
Dr Jess: My husband and I got to Austin in 2010, and we opened Generator Athlete Lab together in 2018.
EAA: Who are your customers?
Dr Jess: Anyone will benefit from a visit to Generator Athlete Lab because we address a variety of needs. Stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, pain, athletic performance, detox/decrease overall inflammation, all bring people in to experience the Generator Method. We welcome all!EAA: What would you recommend to people moving here?Dr Jess: Explore the outdoors and all Austin has to offer outdoors! My personal favorite is running or biking Lady Bird Lake trail.EAA: What is your favorite Austin thing that most people don’t know about?Dr Jess: Bull Creek! Every time I visit, I think it’ll be crowded because it’s such a beautiful place, but it’s still a hidden gem. There are beautiful rocks to climb, a stream to swim in, hiking, etc. Great for kids and pets, too!EAA: Any charities or non-profits you are interested in/work with/otherwise want to give a shout out to?Dr Jess: Ronald McDonald House or the Trail Foundation – we love supporting the trail since it’s right in our backyard!
So, it’s not only for those new “get fit” resolutions, but also those hoping to maximize their fitness goals, have less stress and anxiety, less pain, better sleep, and more. You know what would top off this science-based approach and supportive and friendly community? Trying it out for free!
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