Duval Court Apartments in Austin, TX (Review)

duval court

There is no information about Duval Court apartments on the internet. We know. We looked. Picture of Duval Court Apartments

We decided to go get some information on our own.  We stopped by and took some pictures.  If you have already been to Duval Court there isn’t much new information here, but if you haven’t you could learn a lot.

Duval Court is actually two separate buildings (4510 and 4520 Duval Rd) in the heart of Hyde Park.  The location is actually pretty nice – very convenient to campus and you can get to I-35 quickly if you need to. A bus stop is, literally, right out front if you are planning on using public transportation.  (Here’s a Google Street View of people waiting at it)

These are not the newest or most luxurious buildings around.  If a view is important to you this is not where you will want to be.  The buildings exterior is combination of rock and siding. They surround the community dumpster and the parking lot.

There are no community areas to gather (grills or pools).  The parking lots say that it is for ‘Residents Only’ but I don’t see any indication that there are designated spots.  There are 2 washers and dryers on premises (Pictures below).  There are 20-30 apartments in the complex, so I imagine it wouldn’t take too much bad luck to not be able to access them.

As far as security goes, There is obviously no doorman or anything and all the doors are on the exterior of the building, but Hyde Park is a pretty safe area of town.  This place looks a bit sketchy, but I see no evidence from recent police reports that it is particularly dangerous.

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Duval Court Apartments 1Duval Court 2Duval Court 3Duval Court 4Duval Court 5Duval Court MailboxesDuval Court Laundry Room - WashersDuval Court Laundry Room - Dryers

If you’d like to keep shopping for an apartment anywhere in town or at any price level…we recommend you check out our map of Austin apartments.

We’d also love any feedback from current or former residents of Duval Court in the comments.  If we have made any mistakes we will gladly correct them.


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