El Campo Apartments in Austin, Texas (Review)

El Campo Apartments

El Campo Apartments in Austin, TexasThere are 9 reviews for El Campo apartments. I’ll summarize whats in those reviews as well as give you a few pictures of the place.  I have also taken some pictures of the place.  You can also get information about pricing, floorplans, and amenities here (registration required).

El Campo is in the heart of Hyde Park (305 West 39th Street).  Its a block away from a bus stop and an easy bike ride to campus.  Its a residential neighborhood so easy to jog if you are into that sort of thing.  Its also close to a number of convenience stores, restaurants, and a grocery stores.

These is not a new building.  Its a converted motel, but the reviews almost all mention that it is well maintained.  It may be old, but new carpet and a fresh coat of paint can make a place pretty hospitable.

Most of the apartments open up to a view of a quad like community area with some chairs and a few grills.  One of the reviews mentions a pool but that is long gone.  The pictures of the community area below show a pretty dirty area.  In fairness, it was a Sunday afternoon when I took these pictures so it is quite possible a party the night before had not been cleaned up yet.  I did think it was cool that someone is growing plants in the area (fertilizer and everything).

There is a laundry room on premises.  Seemed to be ample parking for tenants but a party of any size would mean street parking.  Also, no indication that parking is assigned.

There isn’t any gate or anything in terms of security. The area is very safe (you can check for yourself).  You will see in some of the reviews about tire slashings going on in the area.  That is true, but it stopped in 2011.

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Front of El CampoEl Campo mailboxesEl Campo QuadEl Campo Quad 2El Campo Quad 3El Campo Quad 4El Campo Garden

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We’d also love any feedback from current or former residents of El Campo in the comments. If we have made any mistakes we will gladly correct them.

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