I am not interested in Apartment security

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apartmentsecuritygateI don’t want to live in an unsafe place.  Everyone should check out the Austin Police department records.  I am even a fan of having a gun at your place.

I don’t care at all about those security gates at apartments.  They don’t make me feel any safer.  They shouldn’t make you feel any safer.

1.  They don’t keep anyone out.  You usually don’t even have to tell the pizza guy or cab drivers what the code is.

2.  Even if they theoretically kept people out, my experience is that they are broken at least a quarter of the time.

3.  Since they don’t keep anyone out, time spent pushing in your code or waving your card and waiting for it to open is wasted time.

4.  How annoying is it to roll down your window when it is raining to punch in code/wave card?

4.  It is even harder to get friends in…especially if you don’t have a local phone number.

As far as I can tell, security gates are almost all downside and essentially no upside.  Am I missing something?

UPDATE: I have found this site and feel it is much easier to use than the police site for checking crime histories Crimespot

UPDATE 2:  Austin Police are now using this site to track crime.  Similar to Crimespot, but it also enables people to report information anonymously.

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  1. Austin Apartment Guy

    APD’s website allows you to search crime by apartment names. This is a good starting point for determining whether or not the community in question has alot of problems or not. And secondly you can also look up crime by zipcode on their website as well.

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