Jefferson Center Apartments gets sued by the Federal Government

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

According to KXAN news, a lawsuit claims JPI Construction and six affiliates built housing complexes in Texas and other states that were inaccessible to people with disabilities. A complaint filed this week in Dallas contends JPI and the other companies did not design or construct units and common areas that complied with the Fair Housing Act.

The lawsuit said the problems include steeply sloped routes, inaccessible steps and curbs, narrow doors and hallways, plus kitchens and bathrooms without enough floor space. The lawsuit seeks to require the companies to modify the complexes and bring them into compliance with federal laws. It also seeks monetary damages.

No, has no relationship with this apartment complex.  That appears to be a good thing since people who aren’t handicapped don’t like it there either.  Jefferson Center Apartments ratings (32 percent recommend it) and another one (zero percent recommend it).

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