Justin Staples, Austin’s Online Wizard

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If you love this site, and you obviously do, you are going to love this edition of the Austin Spotlight Series. Justin Staples is pretty important to us since he is the man that made this website. Sure, we do the work with clients and apartments, but he is the man that actually got it all up on the internet. Not only that, but he is a relatively recent transplant to Austin so can help all the other recent transplants that we love to help. So take a few minutes and get to know the man behind the Internet in Austin.

EAA: How did you get into web design?

Justin: I’ve been a creative since I was a child. I went to college for Graphic and Web Design. I thought to myself, “how can I apply my creativity in ways that could provide a decent living?” Computers and technology came to mind. So I shifted focus in college from Fine Arts to Graphic and Web Design and received my BA in design.

EAA: What makes you different than the dozens of other web designers and SEOs?

Justin: I believe firmly in the fact that what others say about you, is more significant than what you have to say about yourself. With that being said, clients often commend me for my creativity, exceptional attention to detail and knowledge in multiple facets of internet development and marketing. I am also noted for having a lot of integrity, which reflects in my work. Being well-balanced with both SEO and web design really enables me to produce a quality product that looks great and produces real results.

EAA: Who is your ideal client?

Justin: It’s hard to draw a conclusion on my ‘ideal client’. However, I will say this. I have a passion for working with startups and small to medium-sized business. I really get to grow with the client, experience their challenges & help overcome them. I get to know and understand their customers and products. All of this adds value, and there is always a reward that comes from experiencing my customers succeed.

EAA: How did you end up in Austin?

Justin: I was having dinner with my buddy and his fiance who is originally from Austin. She urged me to visit Austin. She felt I would fit right in having an active lifestyle, entrepreneurial mindset and passion for technology. Well there’s no question she was right. After my 1st visit I was ready to make the move.

EAA: Any advice for people moving/thinking about moving to Austin?

Justin: Great city, lots of good energy

EAA: Any charities/non-profits you’re involved with/you’d like to call out?

Justin: The Priceless Journey. An awesome Ministry in Tampa I am blessed to be on the board with. Their goal is to provide resources to women who are prison inmate and victims of human trafficking. Mission Possible, a local organization in Austin I volunteer with. They serves children, families, homeless, adults, and elderly stuck in the cycle of poverty.

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