Finding Austin treasures with Laura Chavez of Junkluggers

You probably know we pay the bills by helping find apartments. So people moving means money for us.  That’s why it is so hard to say this, but….moving can be very lame and unfun.  And one of the main reasons for that is dealing with all of the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Deciding what to keep or sell or trash isn’t fun at all.  And even when you’ve made those decisions, actually getting it done can be a pain.

Enter Laura Chavez and Junkluggers. Not only do they take your stuff away, they recycle, upcycle, and donate everything instead of just taking it to a landfill.  It’s not often that the convenient thing to do is the same as the responsible thing to do.

And like the headline says, she has some of the best Austin highlights we’ve heard. So take a few minutes with Laura Chavez in our first Spotlight Series of the year.

EAA: As we always like to start with, how did you end up in Austin?

Laura: My husband’s job brought us here is 2005. We became Austinites and haven’t looked back since 2005. We love everything about the city of Austin. It’s the best place we’ve ever lived.

EAA: How did you end up in the junk hauling business?

Laura: I was looking for a business to buy and I hired a franchise broker to help me find a business. I knew I wanted to do something that helped people and the environment so when I found The Junkluggers it was a perfect fit. It had both components of what I was looking for. I didn’t know anything about the junk industry, but I know people and the city of Austin, so it has been fun figuring it all out.

EAA: What advice do you have for people new to Austin?

Laura: Austin is a great city, but it can be difficult to navigate through. Don’t be scared of the traffic. Use Waze and explore it. There is a home for everyone here. I think it’s a great idea to rent before you buy in Austin, because the many different pocket areas of the city have very different feels and almost culture. Since real estate is so expensive it’s important to make sure the right decision is made before you purchase a property. Try new food. Austin is obsessed with local food. We have food trucks, casual dining, fine dining, outdoor dining, breweries, the list is endless. It’s worth it to go to different parts of town and explore all of our amazing food here. The food is diverse and amazingly delicious. We even have chefs that collaborate and open new concepts like Loro, a collaboration between two famous Austin chefs’, the owners of Franklins BBQ and Uchi. It’s fantastic!

EAA: Do you have any “hidden gems”? Places even some long time Austinites might not know about?

Laura: One of the most precious gems in Austin is the Hike and Bike trail that goes through much of the city. It is really amazing. It’s easy to go into the ‘forest’ and relax and be in nature in a matter of minutes. In fact, most parts of towns have walking and biking trails through our magnificent hill country. It’s very special with trees, waterfalls, and swimming holes. If you live here and you haven’t done the Hill of Life, you must go experience it, it’s part of the extensive trail system! There are a few other places that are very special to me. El Gaucho Winery in Bee Creek, Texas. Take a ride out to the Hill Country and find this cute winery much closer than the ones in Fredericksburg. It’s a unique winery because all their wine is sourced from Argentina where the wife of the couple who owns it is from. 100% delicious wines and a great atmosphere. You can enjoy wine and charcuterie with amazing views from this hillside winery. Finally, cruising around on foot in the SoCo district. Lots of great things to watch from people to dogs. Street vendor setups, fun stores and great restaurants including one of my favorites Vespaio which finally takes reservations!

For more information, check out Laura’s business at or call 512-808-7723

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