Laws that affect apartment owners and renters

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House Bill 2824 Helps Tenants Appealing an Eviction

Rep. Elliott Naishtat of Austin has filed House Bill 2824 in the Texas House of Representatives. If passed, this bill would require a court to appoint a lawyer to represent a tenant who has filed a pauper’s affidavit in an appeal of an eviction judgment.

House Bill 2427 Addresses Tenant-Landlord Issues

Rep. Joe Deshotel of Beaumont has filed House Bill 2427 in the Texas House of Representatives. This bill addresses a number of tenant-landlord issues including:

  • A tenant’s right to terminate a lease without penalty due to job loss or violent crime;
  • Amounts owed to a landlord if a tenant terminates a lease early without cause;
  • When a landlord may enter a rental unit;
  • When a landlord may report a debt to a credit reporting agency;
  • Evictions;
  • Reimbursement of utility services if the landlord uses a tenant’s electricity; and
  • No discrimination based on a tenant’s source of income.

Call your state representative to let him/her know your thoughts on the proposed legislation. Find out who represents you.

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