Got lashes? Either way, Noelle Boyle and the Lash Lounge can help

Lash Lounge Crew

You might already know Noelle Boyle. She was just declared an Extraordinary Women in Business this year, so that would make sense. It’s a no-brainer award considering how well-loved her two lash studios are.

On the off chance that you still don’t want to learn more, you can read this article to learn about how you can get $100 discount on your first set of lashes. And champagne.

(And if that still doesn’t convince you, you can laugh at a middle-aged man trying to learn about eyelash extensions)

EAA: Let’s get started, how did you get to Austin?

Noelle: I moved here in 94 to get my MBA at UT.

EAA: So owning your own business would be an obvious move. How did you decide to make the transition?

Noelle: I worked in the high tech industry for 25 years and in 2017 decided it was time for change. When I first got lashes before my wedding at a competitor of ours, I didn’t feel like they really cared about me. To them, I was just a credit card. This opportunity represented a chance for me to turn that around and offer not just the service, but true customer care. We provide quality services from highly trained stylists and cultivate what we call a “Care Culture.” We also serve bubbly.

EAA: Why lashes?

Noelle: Putting lash extensions on people is transformative.  People feel more beautiful; more confident. It’s an energetic transformation. We customize each set of lashes to suit the facial features and desired look of each guest. We can make them look very natural or bold or somewhere in between as long as the guest’s natural lashes can safely support their desired look. Many people assume that getting lash extensions results in a Stripper lash look.

EAA: Stripper lashes?

Noelle: Right, it’s a common misperception. People assume lash extensions are an extreme, mega-volume look, but that’s only an option for those who desire that look.

EAA: Why is Lash Lounge special?

Noelle: We focus on customization, quality and customer service. Our mission is to help people feel more beautiful, confident, and empowered. I like to think of as a combination of “Cheers” and Nordstrom. We listen. When you come in we know your name. My team loves getting to know our guests.

EAA: What are hidden gems around town?

Noelle: Here nor There. 7th and Brazos. It’s an alley; there’s no sign. You have to get access through an app. It’s a speakeasy.

EAA: I’m not sure anyone has ever taken the hidden part of hidden gem so literally.

Noelle: Teo Gelato. It’s gotten international recognition. Chez Zee. It’s kind of hidden in plain sight. They run their own bakery and a huge menu. Their food is all made to order using fresh ingredients and I think maybe younger Austin doesn’t know about them. In my opinion, they have the best brunch in town.

EAA: They also have a magician.

Noelle: I didn’t know that.

EAA: Any advice to newcomers to town?

Noelle: Be careful of the “New to Austin” Facebook groups.  Usually those are just other newcomers talking to each other. The neighborhood Facebook groups are great resources for referrals and recommendations.

You can check out Lash Lounge at either Westlake or Mueller location. You can get your first Classic Natural full set of lashes for $99, or $101 off any other full set (Hybrid, Volume, etc.) using promo code EAA99.

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