Review of Lexington Hills – are they the nastiest apartments in Austin?

Lexington Hills

I came across this post for a woman trying to get out of his lease.  You should go read it, but the short version goes something like this.  Repeatedly, she had problems with plumbing that left her home office and closet flooded (Pictures here and here).

There was so much flooding that mushrooms started growing IN her apartment (Pictures here and here).  She reports that hot water went out monthly (once for two days).  And, of course, she had bugs (creepy looking ones)

People have a tendency to overstate things sometimes and I didn’t want to publish something that wasn’t true.  Now I didn’t go into her apartment and I haven’t met her….but, I did check their reviews on and it seems they have had these problems for awhile.

Allow me to quote:

Water problems occur frequently. – June 2011

Haven’t had hot water in several months – November 2010

I lived here for only 8 months and they shut off the water TWICE…that water issue is major.. – July 2010

The water issue here is awful. – October 2009

If you like your water to be turned off once a month..This is the place for you! – November 2008

My water was turned off at least once a week for about three months – August 2007

If you like hot water..don’t live here – March 2006

I discovered a leak behind the walls….Later it leaked again and again and they did nothing – February 2005

There are more if you care to look.  Unless there is a conspiracy that has been taking place for the last six years….I feel pretty confident saying that there are real problems at Lexington Hills.  They might not actually be the nastiest…but I have to believe they would rank highly in the contest.

Good luck current residents.  Potential residents – think real hard before you sign anything.

If you would like to look for another place to rent…I could recommend a site to help.

If the management cares to respond I will post it here.

UPDATE:  They agreed to let her out of her lease after she presented a certified letter to them.  Probably something to remember if you have problems with your landlord.

UPDATE 2:  Wow.  Turns out there is reason to believe that the maintenance teams stole items from her after she said she was moving.  It is tough to sum up the story so check it out here

4 thoughts on “Review of Lexington Hills – are they the nastiest apartments in Austin?

  1. Flora says:

    It is fortunate that they let her out of her lease. This is why it is so important that you do lots of research before you sign anything! Make sure you know what you are getting into before you make a legally binding agreement.

  2. Fred says:

    Call the Austin Tenants’ Council, They help all tenants that have problems with landlords or property management. They tell you what can be done legally or if what the landlord is doing to you is legal. They helped me out on my last rental issue.

  3. None says:

    This is hands down the WORST apt complex I’ve ever lived in! It is completely miserable here. It is disgusting and the office staff could care less about your problems.
    The entire complex is dirty and poorly maintained. There are roaches everywhere and no one seems to care about pest control, so you have to try and fix that problem yourself. There is mold all over the walls and carpet, you can even smell it. At one point it was so horrible the the entire wall was pliable and you could put your hand right thru it, it took them months and several complaints to handle that issue. When they were notified that there was black mold growing in the carpet and that it was a serious health issue, they had the audacity to say “did a doctor tell you that?” Um no it’s a common fact, google it, geez! When asked to leave or switch apt due to this problem we got a “no way” unless you wanted to pay A LOT of extra money.
    Water is constantly shut off, so if you are a fan of hot showers or showering at all, then forget it.
    Our apartment was broken in to and the door was kicked in and it took them WEEKS to fix it. So if you like to lock your door, forget that too.
    The office staff are incompetent and have no clue what the words “customer service” mean. It has become known around the complex that Erin is a coke-head who actually leases her supplier an apt. Great, sounds like some winners.
    Car break ins are a regular occurrence and the cops are constantly being called for something.
    Buildings catch fire, no one cares to really clean that up either.
    Like to swim? Too bad! The pool is a disaster and breeding ground for disease.
    Work out? Nope all the machines are broken.
    The complex’s foundation is sliding, the buildings are falling apart. Occasionally the outside flood lights that illuminate the complex don’t work and the entire place is pitch black, wouldn’t really call that safe, would you?
    Basically this place should be condemned

  4. JD says:

    This place is AWFUL!!! I have had issues with management being rude and unfriendly. It’s like they do not care about their tenents and the issues that the apartment complex has…probably because they do not live on the premises. I have had no hot water for about 2 days, I have had 3 leaks in my place and the kitchen light is broken and has been broken for a month and it hasn’t been fixed. DO NOT COME AND LIVE HERE!!! They lie and are awful!!!

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