Bryan Winslow and everything else that makes St. Elmo Brewing great

Bryan Winslow St Elmo

You don’t have to be in Austin very long to know about our very active brewery community. Debates about which one is the best can almost be as heated as BBQ or queso debates.

Allow us to make sure you know about one of our favorites in that debate, St Elmo Brewing. In this edition of the Spotlight Series, we sit down with the owner, Bryan Winslow, to learn more about their journey in the industry and what makes their beers stand out from the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or just looking to learn more about the local scene, get ready for a deep dive into the world of craft beer with one of Austin’s finest. (and if you read to the end you’ll see how you can try St Elmo for free)

EAA: How did you get into the brewery business?

Bryan: The balance between creativity and science in brewing is what initially drew me to the craft. Getting to use my hands and right brain/left brain every day is rare and what initially drew me to the brewing. I have been a homebrewer for years, and got my initial job in commercial brewing at Austin Beerworks in 2011. That company grew so fast during my time there. That growth allowed me to learn a tremendous amount in just a few years. It was a difficult decision, but after about 4 years, I decided to break off on my own and start St Elmo Brewing.

EAA: Who makes St Elmo different from other breweries?

Bryan: That’s easy. Our amazing team and neighbors are what differentiate St Elmo from the rest. The people that call St Elmo home are some of the most earnest, hardworking, and creative people that I know. I’m talking about both our staff AND the regulars that come to enjoy the space. The south Austin community has supported St Elmo from the very beginning, and have helped shape the experience here tremendously.

St Elmo Brewers

EAA: When did you get to Austin?

Bryan: I moved to Austin in 2004, from Seabrook, TX. St Elmo got to Austin in 2016!

EAA: What would you recommend to people moving here?

Bryan: My favorite thing about Austin is how many friendly and unique people I meet here. If you come here, be yourself. And don’t be an asshole.

EAA: Always good advice. What is your favorite Austin thing that most people don’t know about?

Bryan: The Texas Chili Parlor

EAA: Any charities or non-profits you are interested in/work with/otherwise want to give a shout out to?

Bryan: We are fortunate enough to work with a ton of great nonprofits and community organizations. Recently we got to work with the SIMS Foundation that helps support local musicians in need of substance abuse help. Last year we did a fundraiser for ATX Free Lunch that serves healthy food for people experiencing homelessness in our community.

Always great stuff. Be sure to check out St Elmo at 440 E. St. Elmo Road. And if you want to have a St Elmo gift card when you go there make sure you are on our mailing list by Apr 10. We’ll give one person on our mailing list a $50 gift card to explore everything St. Elmo has to offer. All you have to do is put your email in the spot at the top of the page or the upper left and you are entered. We can’t way to see you.