Introducing Steve Harper, the connector that probably already knows you and your friends

Steve Harper

(Quick update: Steve has just released the latest edition of his book, The Ripple Effect.  Highly recommended.)

This edition of Austin spotlight is unique for a couple of reasons.  While every one of our Spotlight series are getting the Spotlight because we respect what they are doing and want to help them out, and that is true of Steve as well. He’s unique in that, in many important ways, is the only reason the Spotlight series, and Everything Austin Apartments, exists at all.

Steve is the head of The Ripple Effect and he teaches people how to connect and build relationships to improve the personal and professional lives. (I also learned he’s a serial entrepreneur that owns 2 other software companies on top of his speaking and coaching business) I took one of his classes almost a decade ago, basically just on a lark, and that was what gave me the skills and mindset necessary to start reaching out to all of the people necessary to make this business and blog what it is today.

While I referred to his book throughout the decade that followed, I never actually spoke to him since that class. I decided I wanted to change that. I can tell you that trying to reach out to someone who is a professional at reaching out is a bit nerve wracking. But eventually I got over it and asked if I could interview him.

He not only graciously said yes, but one upped me with a an offer that is the second unique thing about this edition.  He offered to have me on his podcast and have it be a sort of joint interview/network training class in and of itself. It has all the hallmarks of our spotlight series like how he ended up in Austin and what his hidden gems are, and…my voice! You’re welcome Austin.

So go to whatever you use to listen to podcasts and find out how a shy, introverted kid ended up moving to Austin and becoming friends with some of the biggest CEOs in town and drafted into becoming a relationship coach.

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