What are they talking about on the Austin subreddit?

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The short answer is meet-ups (38 posts),  the Stewart/Colbert rally (21 posts) and topless day in Austin (4 posts).

I looked at the last 990 headlines and did some simple analysis.

The average number of comments on a post is 16.5.  The most commented post is Austin Reddit Meetup Date and Plan!! with 156 comments.

The average number of upvotes is 11.  The most upvotes is Reports of armed man inside UT library with 134 upvotes.

I didn’t read each individual headline, but I did do some investigating at a higher level.

I built a word cloud of the the words in the headlines.  It doesn’t include any numbers, common words (a, an, the), and any form of Austin, Texas, or reddit.

austin headlines from reddit
Click for full size image

I did it again removing the words “anyone”, “anybody”, and “hey”.  I don’t think they add anything.

second Austin reddit headline
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What does it all mean?  Probably not much.  I note how many words like “need” and “want” show up larger than “please”, but everyone seems to get along just fine so maybe I am just being sensitive.

I’d love to hear any other insights.  I still have the data so if you have a specific question I still might be able to answer it.  Enjoy either way.

UPDATE:  Based on some feedback, I went through and eliminated all the verbs and adjectives.  So this is only nouns in the headlines (I still didn’t include anyone or anybody)

Austin Reddit Wordcloud
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