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helpwantedThere are a lot of people trying to get a job here in the Capitol City.  Even in these rough economic times, Austin is doing better than many areas of the country employment wise.

This post is intended be a roundup of the internet resources you can use to find a job in Austin.  This can be more difficult than you realize since there are many job boards that simply repost listings from other websites.  You can waste a lot of time looking at the same jobs over and over.   I would like this post to be comprehensive without being repetitive.

I’ll start with with the largest and most well known and work down to the more niche sites that are specific to Austin.  I am pretty certain most everyone will find something here they didn’t know about.

For starters, be sure you have set up a profile on LinkedIn

Temp AgenciesAshby Staffing / Workforce Solutions / Campus 2 Careers (student focused obviously) / TekSystems (tech focused obviously) / Yelp reviews of local temp agencies

National Job Search Boards –  CareerBuilder / Monster

AggregatorsIndeed / Simplyhired / Hound (Paid service that searches employer sites directly)

Specialized Search BoardsDice.com (Tech jobs) /  Door64 (Tech jobs) /VentureLoop (Jobs at venture backed startups) / Computerwork.com (more tech jobs)

Local ClassifiedsAustin Chronicle Jobs / Craigslist / Austin American Statesmen (They use Yahoo HotJobs to manage their job classifieds) / Austin Jobs on Reddit

Government jobsCity jobs / State jobs / Federal jobs

University jobsUT / Concordia / St. Edwards / Austin Community College

Twitter – I know many people reading this probably don’t get or like Twitter, but people do advertise open positions there.  Each of the links below will take you to the most recent Twitter posts about jobs in Austin.  You don’t even need a Twitter account to take advantage of these.

austin jobs / #austin #jobs / austin #jobs / #austin jobs

This link won’t help you get a job, but if you are moving here it will help you determine how much you need to make to maintain your standard of living – Cost of Living Calculator

Be sure and let us know what other resources you found helpful in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Everything about Searching for Austin jobs

  1. B Smith says:

    You should probably remove hound.com. It relies on providing a credit card number in order to access a “free trial”, and then it costs something like 40 bucks a month. Reeks of seediness/ripoff.

  2. Chris L says:

    I didn’t delete, but noted that it is a paid service. Thanks.

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