The Most Complete Guide to Austin Blogs and Austin Forums

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Welcome to Austin

This was a more ambitious project than I expected.  Its taken quite a bit of time to track it all down. So let me start by saying if there is an Austin blog or forum that isn’t on here, please, send me an email or drop something in the comments.  If it meets the rules I’ve set up then I will gladly update.

Rules?  That’s right.  This is not the first time someone has tried to collect up Austin blogs.  But I haven’t found one that has been exactly what I hope this one is.  So this is how you get included…

  • It has to be about Austin.  Which is not the same as a blog by someone from Austin.  There are a lot of great Austin bloggers, but many of their posts aren’t about Austin proper.
  • A similar note…an Austin business blog is only included if the information in it is relevant to people besides your customers.  If it is only specials, deals or feature updates, I didn’t list it
  • Has to be updated within the past 6 months or so.

I think that’s fair.  So lets get to it.

What to do Blogs

What are we going to do today? The question never really seems to go away. These will help you figure out the answer.

365 Things to Do in Austin
Austin Bloggy Limits – Music
Amber Demure Where you can get free drinks
Austin Free Events
Austinite Tips
Austin Music Scene
Austin Radar

Austin Social Planner Very usable site
Cool in Austin
Do512 Blog
Free Fun in Austin Family friendly items
The Thread Austin
Velvet Coffin

Food Blogs

This was a difficult section because there are many people in Austin blogging about food, but very few blogging about ‘Austin food’
Austin Burger News
Austin Food Carts
Eater Austin
Fed Man Walking

Food Trailers Austin
Relish Austin
Slow Food Austin
South Austin Foodie
Taco Journalism

Drinking Blogs

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Austin has several blogs dedicated to drinking. I was surprised to see how many were dedicated to beer in Austin (or that there is that much to know about local beer).
Austin Beer Guide
I Love Beer
Liquid[/one_half] [one_half_last]
Tipsy Texan
What are you drinking?
You Stay Hoppy Austin [/one_half_last]

Neighborhood Blogs

Allandale Reporter
Bouldin Creek
Burleson Heights
Downtown Austin Blog
East Austinite
East Austin News

North Austin Community Newsletter
North Loop Scoop
South Lamar
SRCC Neighborhood Association
Way Out West Austin

Public Policy Blogs

Similarly, this are blogs are about issues specific to Austin. Blogs about state or national issues are not included.

Austin Contrarian – Urban planning
Austin On Your Feet
Keep Austin Wonky – Politics

M1EK’s Bake-Sale of Bile – Transportation
Salsa Verde – Environmental news
Shortcuts – Transportation news

Entertainment/Social Scene Blogs

These blogs are about the people in the local scene, not necessarily things to do. – Celebrity sightings
Austin Movie Blog
It’s Always Funny in Austin – Comedy scene

Out & About – Social Scene
Seeing Things – Arts scene

Miscellaneous Blogs

There isn’t much to explain. Marvel in the variety of things that people will blog about.

Austin Legal
Austin on Rails – Ruby on Rails user Group
Austinot – All kinds of Austin stuff
Austin Poo Blog – Exactly what it sounds like
AustinStartup– Tech news
Austin Texas Bike Stuff

Austin Towers – Land development around town
Birding on BroadMeade – Birdwatching
Somos Austin – Latino news
Starting Up – Startup news
Transplantable Rose – Gardening

Austin Forums

Each of these have their own flavor and etiquette. You may want to lurk for awhile before you jump in and start posting.

Austin Bass Fishing
Bike Mojo – Biking specific
Chowhound – Food Specific – Seems to be geared to real estate questions

Reddit – Please do a search before you post a question
Yelp Reviews of local businesses

That’s all I know.  Again, please let me know what I (inevitably) missed. Of course all of the blogs/forums here are included in our Austin Search Engine. There is also lots of non-blog information about Austin here too.

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