You should meet master podcaster and Chief Sexy Boss, Heather Havenwood

Heather Havenwood has been in Austin since 2008 and she is a busy woman. This is one of our longest interviews and we didn’t even get into all the things she is doing. So we’re going to jump in with no warm up.

EAA: Let’s start off, how’d you end up in Austin?

Heather: Born and raised Houston. After high school, I traveled all around the country and the world. Eventually settled down in Florida and got really started in business there and built my first online info company up to a million dollars in 05/06. When the recession
hit in 08, that’s when I moved to Austin. It was thriving and my mother and sister had moved here as well.

EAA: We’ll were very happy to have the whole Havenwood clan here. I think the first thing most people are going to want to hear about is your podcast so can you go ahead and tell everyone more about that?

Heather: Yeah I started the podcast in 2015 it’s called “Like a Boss” and it’s about getting insights from influencers, entrepreneurs and bad asses. Researchers, scientists, really anyone doing cool things. Things like AI or blockchain technology. Really focused on
who is moving and shaking in their industry.

EAA: Now, in this day and age it’s really easy for someone to say “I started a podcast.” It’s almost a cliché. I’ve even taken a stab at it before. You’re podcast isn’t like that. It’s really great and I suspect many of the people who already know about you don’t
even realize how big this thing is.

Heather: I’m at about 65,000 to 75,000 listeners per episode and my goal is 100,000 very soon. I am nationally syndicated to 17 stations around the country and we are working to be at 100 before the year is over.

EAA: Just incredible. That seems like a great segue way into something I know a lot less about. Can you tell us about your podcasting class?

Heather: Sure. It’s the Influencer Growth Masterclass and it’s really about helping local business owners and online business owners on how to build their brand and their influence in the industry.

EAA: Obviously this is something you’re very qualified to talk about, but I gotta ask….is podcasting really for any business owner. I mean, should a plumber really be thinking about his podcasting audience?

Heather: Yeah, I think so. Now maybe it shouldn’t be a “plumbing podcast” but think about all the people watching HGTV and all the do it yourselfers out there. There is absolutely an audience for people who care about their homes and any business owner that wants to
grow his should be thinking about how to get in front of potential customers.

EAA: Well now I’m almost feel silly for thinking otherwise. Can you tell us a little about your book as well.

Heather: It called “Sexy Boss” and it was published in 2012. I define Sexy as feminine, soft, and sensual. And Boss as being in charge of your life. It’s my story and how I had to move in a male dominated world by acting like a man to succeeding in a male dominated
world as woman. Women are often told to tone it down or ‘not be so sexy’. Think Beyonce. Think Jennifer Lopez. Oprah, Madonna. They haven’t had to turn it down or not be sensual and they are very powerful.

EAA: So you’ve got a lot going on. Our readers could spend a lot of time getting caught up on all the Heather Ann Havenwood available to them. Who stands to gain the most for all of it? Who is your ideal client/student?

Heather: A lot of people assume that, because I’m a women, I’m a “women’s business coach”, but that is not the full picture. I want to help all entrepreneurs and business owners succeed.

EAA: I really like that. We usually like to give people a chance to plug any charities or non-profits they are a part of if they’d like.

Heather: Actually, I feel like charity is kind of personal so I don’t generally talk about them a lot. There are 2 that I support. There is the Refuge which helps minors that have been caught up in sex trafficking and Dress for Success which helps women with support
and professional attire so they can improve their life situation.

EAA: That seems like a great place to stop. Thanks for your time Heather.

If you want to learn even more about Heather be sure to check out her podcast and her book. And if you want to work with Heather or join her podcast masterclass check out here website at

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