Every Austin Apartment with Gas Stoves

Every Austin Apartment with Gas Stoves

I confess I am not much of a cook. So I didn’t know gas stoves were so rare or that it was a thing that people wanted until recently.  We’ll talk about why that is at the end but want to go ahead and get the list to everyone first.

Gas Stove Apartments in North Austin

Avistar at Wood Hollow 78731
Falls on Bull Creek 78759
Hardrock Canyon 78759
Highline 78727
Nalle Woods 78746 (pretty far west)
Ranch 78717
Rock Spring Duplexes 78681 (Round Rock)
Sage at 1825 78660 (Pflugerville)
Walnut Park 78753

Gas Stove Apartments in Central Austin

The Clark – 78703
Hidden Gardens 78751
North 40 – 78751

Gas Stove Apartments in South Austin

Gibson Flats 78704
James on South First 78748
Skyline at Barton Creek 78746

Why do most apartments have electric stoves?

Gas stoves are preferred by many for their more consistent and wider range of temperatures, but I’m sure you already can guess why they are harder to find in a complex.  It’s because of money.  Gas stoves are more expensive to build in and more expensive to maintain.  There is also a safety issue you have to consider. It greatly reduces carbon monoxide liability. And I’m sure most of you won’t have to think hard before you remember a neighbor that might have been capable of setting the building on fire if they had access to flammable gas.

All that is why you generally only see gas stoves in older places that have never done big updates to their interiors or in newer luxury places that want to charge top dollar for everything.


*Also, the featured image is from AntiqueGasStoves.com.  I don’t know why I’m surprised that that is a thing that exists.


Everything Austin Apartments

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