You’re going to pay Tanner Heim to put you in a dark, wet room for an hour.

Tanner Heim Austin True Rest

Imagine floating in a pool of water in a silent pitch black room for an hour. I’m guessing that might sound boring if not downright horrifying to many of you. So then why are so many people, from my very own mother to the UT football team is doing it every week? In this edition of our Spotlight Series, we’ll let Tanner Heim, manager of True REST Austin and owner of True REST Cedar Park, tell you all the reasons that more and more people are doing it every day. And if you stay to the end, you can get a 50% discount on your first float


EAA: Obviously I’m a fan of floating. Why don’t you tell people who have never done it or never considered it why they should consider it.

Tanner: We’re able to create an environment that is unparalleled for relaxation, pain, athletic recovery and mental health. (Editor’s note: If anything, Tanner is underselling it. There is lots of research showing the positive benefits of floating)

EAA: Why couldn’t I just lay in a pool or my tub?

Tanner: 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt in a float pod. Our name, True REST, is actually an acronym that stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy. We create an environment that reduces stimulus to all five senses. It’s easy enough to turn out the lights and maybe make it really quiet. We maintain the salt water solution at 93.5 degrees, not a hot bath, and not cold, but skin temperature so you forget where your body ends and the water begins. The water makes you so buoyant it renders you weightless, void of gravity. Floating in space, the body and mind are relieved of all pressure. That is not something easily replicated.

EAA: Let’s pretend I’m not claustrophobic or afraid of drowning. Let’s pretend I buy all the benefits of floating. Isn’t it still gross to float in a pool of water that other people have been floating in all day?

Tanner:  People aren’t floating in the same water all day. After every session the water is cleaned for 30 minutes after every float. Between each session the water in every float pod is completely purified 4 times with a 5-micron filter and both Ozone and UV Light technology. We also do microdosing with stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Not to mention, the water in each pod is mostly salt which is inherently sterile.

It’s probably cleaner than the water you shower in.

EAA: We do a lot of work with the veteran community and that’s how you showed up on our radar. Can you tell us about the work that True REST is doing with the veteran community.

Tanner: Well on top of all the previous mentioned benefits, it’s also been shown to improve the symptoms of PTSD. So on the 11th of every month, veterans and active duty, can float free.  It fills up every month. It’s great to meet them all.

EAA: Why should they come here instead of somewhere else?

Tanner: Just float. I won’t be upset if you go somewhere else as long as you get started.

EAA: That kind of confidence if probably why you’re expanding into Cedar Park. When is that opening?

Tanner:  Early 2020

EAA: Looking forward to it. Thanks for your time and what you’re doing Tanner.

When you’re ready to get started be sure and check out to set up your appointment. And as promised, if you mention Everything Austin Apartments when you sign up your first float is only $39 (a 50% discount from the normal $79)

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