Austin Private Dorms and Co-ops – The Complete Guide

So what are your options is you aren’t eligible for a University dorm and can’t afford a private apartment? Private dorms or co-ops could be options worth exploring. Private Dorms Like the name says, these are dorms, they just are not owned by the University. Depending on the details, they can even be cheaper than […]

A talk with Thom Singer

You may have seen our guest, Thom Singer, at one of his conferences, corporate events, or even read one of his books. He’s nationally known but he is a proud Austinite. He’s known for knowing everyone so you’re certain to learn something from him. EAA: Tell me a little bit about your blog.  Who is […]

Interview with Matt McGinnis, Austin’s Wine and Cocktail Expert

Matt McGinnis is the Executive Vice President and Managing Director at Cohn & Wolfe in Austin.  That is impressive but the reason I am introducing you to him is because of his work on his blog at the What Are You Drinking?.  He interviews all the players in the beverage industry and reviews wine and […]

Interview with West Austin aficionado, Laura McCarley

We are going to talk with Laura McCarley, runs the blog Way Out West Austin. I’d recommend you get to know her even if you don’t often get to the west side of Austin.  If you think west Austin is a suburban wasteland, Laura will show you there is a lot more to it than […]

Interview with Austin nature expert, Mikael Behrens

At Everything Austin Apartments, we work hard to help people get around Austin and we like to think we do a good job.  We also want you to meet other people that can help you get around Austin. Allow me to introduce you to Mikael Behrens. He is the man behind the Birding on Broadmeade […]